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Advancing the leading edge of health information technology in Europe.

The members of IHE Services form an ecosystem of stakeholders who help shape the decisions that will influence the development of HIT interoperability for many years to come. At present the members of IHE Services are:


Become a stakeholder in IHE-Services

To join IHE-Services, your organisation first must be a member of IHE-International, which is free of charge. Learn more at Become a Member

After registration and admission to IHE-International, your organisation can then apply for membership to IHE-Europe and IHE-Services.

Once your organisation is approved for membership by IHE-Europe, you can apply to become a Member of IHE-Services by uploading, completing and submitting the online application form.

Applications will be reviewed for approval at the next meeting of the IHE-Europe Steering Committee or General Assembly following their submission.