Education and Consultancy

Training on IHE profiles for regional and national ehealth networks

In June 2012, IHE-Services conducted a three day training session at the invitation of HL7 and IHE Finland in Helsinki. Attended by more than 30 participants spanning regional IT and national ehealth program architects as well as vendors, it provided a solid overview of the benefits of Profile-based specifications and testing and a systematic education on the design and standards selected for more than 15 IHE Profiles widely used in this domain.

Training vendor staff on preparing for a successful IHE Connectathon
In December 2011, IHE-Services conducted a two day training for Interop’ Santé, the French standards organization umbrella for HL7-France, IHE-France and HPRIM.
This training took the technical staff of close to 20 vendors through a systematic approach in preparing their product implementations of IHE Profiles for pre-Connectathon testing, and the passing of the IHE Connectathon.
It covered the use of Gazelle in managing test plans, the use of specific simulators and validator tools, and the quality management strategy to ensure effective tracking of issues discovered during testing.