Test Sessions

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IHE-Services offers all the competencies needed to assess the conformance to interoperability specifications of eHealth software by using a controlled testing environment. Here are a few examples demonstrating the range of offerings from IHE-Services.

Connectathon 2013
The annual European IHE Connectathon is a landmark event for validating eHealth system interoperability and fosters the correct implementation of IHE profiles in Europe. Over 2,200 tests for interoperability were performed from April 15 to 19, 2013 at the IHE Connectathon held in Istanbul between 102 medical information systems from 76 companies. IHE-Services has again managed this five-day connectivity marathon coordinating the activities of more than 330 software developers and 45 monitors. The IHE domains covered by the test were Radiology, IT-Infrastructure, Cardiology, Laboratory, Pharmacy, and Patient Care Coordination.
This year our biggest innovation in terms of tooling was the proxy. The proxy was able to capture about 40% of the non-secure messages exchanged during event. The main advantages of using the proxy during the Connectathon are to have a uniform capture of the logs and to allow validation of the logs using the various validation tools that were available on site.
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IHE Connectathons around the world
The robustness of the Gazelle test tools is recognized world-wide, and IHE-Services has supported with its tools and expertise IHE Connectathons in North America since 2001, and more recently in Japan, Australia and Korea.
Smart Open Services for European Patients (epSOS)
A large-scale European eHealth project involving 23 European Countries, epSOS applies the testing tools and techniques from IHE-Services to ensure interoperability between participating member states. epSOS Projectathons were held in Bratislava in 2010 and Pisa in 2011, resulting in the first 5 countries exchanging patient summaries early 2012.  
In 2012 the third epSOS Projectathon achieved the on-site testing of five new participating countries to validate their epSOS National Contact Point (NCP) interface with the epSOS specifications and underlying IHE profiles.

Two other nations with validated systems also participated remotely in the testing process, and two vendors for the epSOS program were on-site as well.
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